Why choose cremation?

Since ancient times cremation has been seen as a way of treating companions with the same love and respect in death, as they enjoyed in life.

The bond between pet and owner, can be lifelong and is as unique as it is special to each individual. The sadness of parting with a companion pet can be eased by the knowledge that your lifelong friend has been treated with dignity and respect.

All our crematoria are dedicated, companion pet only facilities.

We guarantee that all the ashes, and only the ashes, of your companion pet will be returned to you.

Cremation is clean and hygienic, and allows time to reflect upon where you would like the final resting place to be.

When the ashes are returned, you could scatter the remains in a favourite place, bury them, or keep them in a wooden casket.

Choosing cremation gives you choices, while maintaining your companion pet's dignity.


Some questions answered

Can I arrange an individual cremation for my pet?

Yes. There are two cremation options. communal/group cremation without a return of ashes, and individual cremation with a return of ashes.

How do I arrange a cremation?

  • Residents of Southern Ireland: The service is only available through your local vet, to comply with our licencing conditions.
  • Residents of Northern Ireland: The service is available through your local vet, or by appointment directly with Cranmore Pet Crematorium

How can I be sure that the correct ashes are returned?

Your local veterinary surgeon completes an individual cremation form. This card will contain all the details relating to your pet and your specific cremation requirements. This individual identity card is, at all times, kept with your pet throughout the cremation process and ensures that all the ashes, and only the ashes of your pet are returned. Also as the cremation is individual the possibility of any confusion is eliminated.
(Andrew Byrne, MVB, MRCVS Chairman, Irish Pet Crematra.)

Can I witness the cremation?

Unfortunately not. Neither our licenses nor our insurance permits the public to be in the cremation area.

How are the ashes returned to me?

If the cremation was arranged through your local vet the ashes will be returned to that practice. If the cremation was arranged with Cranmore directly (Northern Ireland residents only), you can collect the ashes there.


Our Forget-Me-Not logo

Our logo is a stylized sketch of the "Forget-Me-Not" flower, signifying our appreciation and understanding of the important part that companion pets have in the lives of their owners.

It is the ethos of our company to operate to the best practice of pet cremation, and we adopt the standards of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria, of which we are members.

We can assure you that all lifelong friends will be received at our crematoria, and cremated, with care and dignity.


Services Available

  • Collection from your local vet. (Mandatory in Southern Ireland, optional in Northern Ireland).
  • If you are based in Northern Ireland you can bring your pet directly to Cranmore Pet Crematorium.
  • Licencing conditions prevent us from offering the same service in Southern Ireland.
  • Your pet will be individually cremated with care and dignity in our crematoria which are pet only facilities.
  • We guarantee that all the ashes, and only the ashes of your companion pet, will be returned to you.
  • Ashes to scatter: We offer a range of biodegradable boxes suitable for burial, or scattering, in a favourite place.
  • Wooden caskets are also available (in a choice of light or dark wood).
  • A choice of other memorials, such as plaques, crosses, picture frames etc. are available upon request.


Irish Pet Crematoria Group

Member of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria

Republic of Ireland
Contact: Andrew Byrne, MVB, MRCVS Chairman, Irish Pet Crematra
The Lodge
Old Connaught Avenue,
Bray, Co. Wicklow

Phone: (01) 281 9744
Email: robertkelly@ireland.com


Northern Ireland
Contact: Ann Ingram
Cranmore Pet Crematorium
45 Tullyrusk Road.
Dundrod, Crumlim
Co. Antrim BT29 4JH

Phone: (028) 9082 5713
Fax: (028) 9082 5723
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